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We have spent more than 10 years giving you the best bang for your buck out there in the audio recording field. Now it’s time to extend our philosophy also to the video domain. So if you want a professional video for your band or project but you have a limited budget that’s your go to solution! Write us.

Check out some of our most recent creations, click on the playlist button and discover what Blackwave Video Productions can do for you.

Equipment List


– Antelope Goliath  – 32in/32out Thunderbolt/Usb Interface
– Mac Mini 2018 I7 6cores  – 3.49 GHz – 32 gb ram DDR4 – 512gb ssd + 512tb3 ssd + 2tb disk
– Pro Tools 12 Native
– Cubase Pro 10
– Logic Pro X


– SSL Xlogic Alpha VHD Pre
– Universal Audio 4-710d (valve or trans. + 1176 style comp per channel)
– 2x CAPI Vp28
– 1x Shadow Hills Mono Gama
– 1x Chandler Limited Germanium
– 16x Antelope Class A pre
– Presonus Eureka Channel Strip
– Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard 12ch. valve summing mixer


– Neumann Kh120
– Presonus Central Station
– BeyerDynamic DT 770
– 4 Indipendent and self controllable zero latency mixer with FX


– 4x Shure SM57
– 1x Shure SM58
– 1x Shure SM7
– 1x Shure 55SH
– 1x Shure Beta57A
– 4x Sennheiser E604
– 2x Sennheiser MD421 II
– 1x Sennheiser MD421 N
– 1x Sennheiser E609
– 1x AKG D112
– 1x AKG D12
– 2x Audix D6
– 1x Audix I5
– 2x Se Electronics 4400a Matched Pair
– 2x Aston Origin
– 1x Rode Nt200
– 1x Neumann TLM103
– 2x Oktava MK012 Matched Pair
– 1x T-Bone RB500


– Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100w
– Evh 5150 III Fender 50w
– Hiwatt Custom 100w Vintage
– Hughes & Kettner Vintage 20 Class A Valve Combo
– Orange Micro Terror
– Line 6 Vetta II
– Mark Bass Head
– 4x Marshall 4×12 cabs with various speakers
– Engl 4×12 with V30
– Large Selection of Bass Cabinets


– All kind of kits available on request
– Drum Sound Full Maple Kit (with 26″ Kick Drum)
– Old Tama Starclassic Kit
– Large Selection Of Drum Hardware

About Blackwave Studio

Hi! I’m Fabio Palombi, owner and resident engineer at Blackwave Studio. I strongly believe that my mission in this business goes beyond making great sounding records. You and your music need real care, commitment and true passion. The path to a perfect recording begins before hitting the studio, that’s where my 15+ years of experience comes in avoiding the catastrophe and insuring your money is worth the investment. Having great gear is cool, you can take a lot of pictures with it and post it on facebook or instagram, but that doesn’t necessary means that using it on your music will make it shine and put your record on the billboard top ten! In the enormous and magical world of music production there’s only one rule : Get it right at the source!! All the greatest bands in the world have a great and unique sound and behind it there’s always been someone with a clear vision of it. That is a crucial fact and I strongly believe this is exactly what makes you and your music stand above the others. I’m here to ensure you’re making the right step.
At Blackwave there’s everything you need to let your music shine!

Reach The Studio

Blackwave Studio
Via P. Pastorino 36 Int.140
16163 – Genova – Italy
Ph: +39 3486975049

The Structure

Blackwave Studio is 100mq structure located in Genoa, Italy.
Reaching the structure is really easy as it’s located just 100 mt. from the highway exit of Genova Bolzaneto and 15 minutes from the Airport.

Blackwave Studio has two main rooms : 

The Mixing Room

The mixing room is a 55mq acoustically treated room suitable for mixing, recording and mastering duties. In this room there is also a big Wodden Iso Box acoustically designed to be extremely neutral and true. This is the natural solution for both Vocals or Guitars or every acoustic instrument which needs to be recorded in its true nature.

The Live Room

The live room is 35mq acoustically tuned room which is used to record drums, an entire band or any instrument which needs air and room perspective to sound good and natural. It Features a good and controlled natural reverb perfect to capture a great Rock and Metal drum sound.

Both Rooms are equipped with Air Conditioning system.

Discography (Full Lenght)


Discography (Singles/EPs)